San Luis Valley Regional Transit Council

The San Luis Valley Regional Transit Council formed in 2015 as a vehicle to address issues and concerns regarding transit services in the San Luis Valley.

The SLVRTC began as an informal group with the following goals:

  • Organize and establish the SLVRTC with the objective of establishing collaborative decision making; establish suitable meeting time and location, as well as general protocols for conducting the meetings; make participants aware of each other’s roles, transportation services, and needs; find areas of common ground; identify any concerns of participants about the project; find consensus on the goals and objectives.
  • Assess current transit services; identify service gaps; identify funding sources and how they are used; identify areas where increased coordination might benefit participants; identify how long distance trip needs are being met and how they might be improved; obtain information from similar regions’ projects and successes via speaking presentations.
  • Create directory of transit services for online or print publication; develop list of optional strategies for improving services, coordination and collaboration.
  • Make recommendations on how to improve coordination among participants; identify future transit goals, issues or projects.

Staff Contact: Hew Hallock