SLV COG Mini-Grants

SLV COG offers mini grants to local governments for the promotion and expansion of the local economic base. These projects increase the value and/or benefit in the areas commonly linked to economic development such as increased tourism, jobs, workforce, housing, quality of life, recreation, transportation, creation/ expansion/retention of business, emergency mitigation, education, health and environment.  Maximum grant to each COG member may not to exceed $5,000 for each project.

The SLV COG Mini-Grant program is funded through the Colorado Department of Local Affairs’ Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program.



  1. Grants are only awarded to municipalities or counties that are members in good standing of the San Luis Valley Council of Governments (SLVCOG)—current dues paid.
  2. Multiple applications per member jurisdiction will be considered for funding this year provided projects are benefitting multiple economic or community development outcomes. For example, a COG dues paying member may apply for a small capital improvement project with a budget up to $20,000 (award amount $5,000) AND a mini grant to assist with marketing, web development or the likes also with a budget of no more than $20,000 and award of $5,000.  Hence, more than one project per entity may be applied for in 2024.
  3. After the grants have been awarded, any change in scope to a funded project must be submitted in writing to the SLVCOG Executive Board for approval and a new agreement will be signed.
  4. All grants require a minimum 1 to 1 cash match.
  5. Maximum grant reimbursement per request is $5,000; project size limited to $20,000.
  6. Grant funding will be paid on a reimbursement basis only.
  7. The SLVCOG board reserves the right to adapt these guidelines to serve the needs of communities and to adjust the amount of available funding.
  8. Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. In the event that there are still funds available after June 30, 2024, applications will FIRST be reviewed for communities who have not yet applied for or received funds for the current year.  Jurisdictions who have already received funds for current year and are applying for remaining funds will be wait-listed to accommodate first-time users.
  9. Acknowledgement of the San Luis Valley Council of Governments is encouraged on marketing materials, name plates, etc.

To download an application, click on the following link

2024 Mini Grant Project Application

For more information, contact Alliyah Garcia at the phone or email listed below.