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San Luis Valley Development Resources Group is the “go-to” source for data and information about the San Luis Valley. We respond each year to over 50 requests for data from individuals, local governments and non-profit organizations.

San Luis Valley Community Needs Assessment – The San Luis Valley Community Action Agency has collected information through their community partners, including the sub-recipients of the CSBG program. As with all of Colorado, the San Luis Valley has been impacted by COVID-19. Although COVID-19 has increased the number of people that need assistance due to shut downs and social distancing, the primary needs of the San Luis Valley have remained the same.
The primary needs of the six counties, which includes Alamosa County, Conejos County, Costilla County, Mineral County, Rio Grande County, and Sagauche County are presented in the San Luis Valley Community Needs Assessment.

San Luis Valley Statistical Profile – This annual report examines the latest demographic and economic data for the San Luis Valley. 2024 San Luis Valley Statistical Profile

San Luis Valley Development Resources Group seeks to provide research and data reports on a variety of issues available to policymakers, organizations and community members. Copies of those reports are available below:

San Luis Valley Opportunity Zones – Opportunity Zones were enacted as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017 as a federal tax incentive designed to encourage long-term investments into operating businesses and real estate projects in low-income urban and rural communities across the nation to help drive economic growth and job creation. Investors are encouraged to make these investments through favorable treatment of reinvested capital gains and the potential forgiveness of tax on capital gains realized from the new investments in the OZ.

Yossarian Capital Partners was engaged by the San Luis Valley Development Resources Group & Council of Governments to develop a community prospectus that provides an overview of the community, its strategic advantages and economic drivers, and a pipeline of potential investments to assist the San Luis Valley in soliciting potential investors within its designated Opportunity Zones.

San Luis Valley Opportunity Zone Prospectus

San Luis Valley Targeted Industry Study

Economic Impact Analysis for Changes in Irrigated Cropping

Economic Impact Analysis & Regional Activity Tool for Alternative Irrigated Cropping in the San Luis Valley

Economic Impact Analysis Activity Tool for Alternative Irrigated Cropping: County Level Tool Report

SLV Impact Analysis Activity Tool

SLV Impact Analysis Acreage Converter Tool

Learn how to use the Impact Analysis Activity Tool with this easy instructional video:

Regional Broadband Strategic Plan

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